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Things to consider when finding the right laundry service in London

Finding laundry and dry cleaning service is generally the best way to cut-off the regular hassle for laundry from your to-do list, or if you hate taking the dump of dirty clothes to the Laundromat.

Irrespective of the reason, having a professional laundry and dry cleaning service take care of all your laundry requirements is the best way to get your laundry done. But the internet offers us several laundry providers and finding the right one can be a difficult choice.

Here are some of the fundamental points you need to keep in mind when finding the best laundry service to suit your requirements.

1. Turnaround Time

If you are looking for a laundry service to take care of your regular laundry requirements, you will want your laundry back quick. Unlike dry cleaning a suit or a special dress for occasions once a year is different from regular laundry requirements, it is the important stud like the socks and underwear. When choosing a laundry service for yourself, ensure that their turnaround time matches your daily schedule and clothing rotation for the best possibilities. If you are running low on several clothing items, it is best to find a laundry service that does not take five days to get your clothes clean and deliver it to you.

2. Pricing

Typical laundry and dry cleaning services charge by weight. Prices can vary and have different ranges depending on the types of services you choose, or the types of garments you send for laundry. Before choosing the laundry service, ensure you have a grasp of the local rates to give you a clear understanding of all pricings offered to you. Some dry cleaners extend service offerings beyond their facilities which come at a premium price as they outsource it to other local Laundromats. It is always your advantage to double up your laundry requirements from one place offering all the services, so try to find a place with decent pricing.

3. Damage/Loss Policy

Losing a sock is not as big a deal as losing your most expensive or favourite garment in dry cleaning. Find Laundromats that offer proper damaged and item loss policies. Laundromat with loss policies or damage reimbursements is a sign of responsibility. It can provide you with a peace of mind reducing the chances of your garments getting damaged or lost.

4. Consistency

When you wash you your laundry every day, you have a complete idea of how your clothes should smell or the level of wash quality. When you find the right laundry for yourself, the cleaning quality must be either the same as your own or better. A great way to check the consistency of a Laundromat is to read online reviews of the business on Google or Yelp. Reviews are the best way to read all about the services a Laundromat offers and whether you should continue with them or not. When reading reviews, look for things that talk about the scent of clean clothes and the quality of folding clothes.

5. Pick-up and Delivery Options

If you are outsourcing your laundry requirements, the chances are that you are hoping to spend the saved time doing something productive. Since an average adult spends 8 hours every week on laundry, it is understandable that you need to or want to outsource your requirements.Some laundry and dry cleaning service providers offer pick-up and delivery services for all orders for you to spend your free time doing whatever you want. It is best if you check for a pick-up and delivery schedule for your laundry needs. Some laundry and dry cleaning services run a bi-weekly technique for all laundry requirements, and if you are looking for more flexibility, find an on-demand delivery service for your laundry requirements.

6. Service Agreements

A contract is the last thing one wants to look into unless they make absolute sense. If your laundry and dry cleaning service provider asks you to sign a contract, read through all the details thoroughly and ensure that you are fit with all the fine prints. Can you cancel the contract? How long does the contract stand? What are the services that fall in the contract? Having your laundry done once or twice a week is the best perk a Laundromat can offer, but if the quality is not up to the mark, it would just end up being a waste of money and time.

7. Detergents and Special Care

There are often several allergies and lung-related problems that come along with detergent use or detergent scent. If you prefer or have specific requirements of hypo-allergic detergents, ensure that you ask your Laundromat or dry cleaners if they offer various detergent use on customer requirements.If you do not have an allergy to a freshly washed batch of clothes, look through their website or ask the Laundromat if and how they can cater to your laundry requirements. Although an important thing, having specific requirements can add up to some extra charges, so you will have to consider that while deciding the final budget for your laundry.